Single source of accountability 

The design/build approach provides a single source for your entire project, fosters teamwork and the relationship built during the design phase helps to ensure that the stage is set for a successful refurbishment.

Budget management 

Discussing budget during the design phase (not waiting until the bids come in) helps to keep the projects within a realistic budget. 

Enhanced communication 

Specific design and construction details are being developed throughout the entire process and working with a design professional and a construction expert at the same time ensures that potential problems are discovered and eliminated before the project starts.

Faster project completion 

Design build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because: Bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin before design is fully complete.

Quality Control  The design build method helps to remove ambiguity that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since the designer, engineer and builder are from the same Company, the focus remains on protecting the clients’ interests.

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