We’ve been at this trade for a while and we found ourselves looking back at some of the projects that we completed back in the 1980s.  ‘Retro is back’ we hear some of our contacts announce.  Remember when the likes of avocado coloured bathrooms, stripey carpets and mirrors on bedroom ceilings formed part of clients’ briefings to us as contractors.  So is there a role for a return to such previously fashionable specifications and items? 

Certainly, not to the taste of everyone, but for some it might come in to the reckoning as hoteliers search for that USP or individualism in identity, to detract from the competition.  We recognise that individuals and brands have different tastes and certainly in our game it is never “one size fits all.”  So as a well known Swedish retailer pronounces – “chuck out the chintz”.  We’d say think before you do so, whilst it might not be for everyone, for some it could be the distinguishing appearance.  That advertisement received a lot of air time. Do you recall, it showed a large skip falling out of the sky and landing in a traditional British looking street.  There were crowds of women coming out of properties and launching their old-fashioned upholstery and furniture – and at the same time singing the catchy “chuck out your chintz” tune. 

Is there room for it to have a reversal in trends?  Have you considered that retro touch? Want to have a look at some of our work from bye-gone days why not pop and have a chat with our MD, Gary at any time: Gary.Crosbie@interefurb.co.uk